Late last month it was reported that an update to the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 caused the device to fail in which it required users to send them back in for replacements. Unfortunately it seems that Microsoft’s Surface Book 2 has been affected with bad update as well, causing the dreaded BSOD (blue screen of death).

In posts found on Microsoft’s website and Reddit (via MSPowerUser), owners of the Surface Book 2 are reporting that following the installation of the KB4467682 update that was released last Tuesday, they are encountering the BSOD on a seemingly frequent basis. Devices that are affected are greeted by an error message that reads, “SYSTEM THREAD EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED”.

So far some users have had luck by uninstalling the update and reverting back to the previous update, but at the same time some users who tried that method claim that it has resulted in their laptops getting bricked. Given how pricey the Surface Book 2 is, safe to say that many weren’t too thrilled about this affecting their devices.

One user wrote on Reddit, “I was getting BSOD on my SB2 and narrowed it down to KB4467682. You would think it would be one of the first platforms they test the updates on because of the reputational risk of bricking their flagship hardware with their flagship software. Very disappointing,” Microsoft has yet to officially comment on the issue, so if you are affected by this, maybe try taking it back to the store and see what can be done about it, unless you don’t mind trying the uninstallation method mentioned above.

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