microsoft_surface_pro_4_6When choosing a smartphone or tablet, we do look at things such as display size and display resolution. However display quality should be something that you should probably take into consideration as well. That being said if you are looking for a new tablet with a great display, perhaps the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 could be worth checking out.

According to the folks at DisplayMate, they claim that the Surface Pro 4 has one of the best displays in the market at the moment as far as mobile devices are concerned. They claim that the display is accurate in displaying images which might be useful to professionals, such as photographers or graphic artists, and also to regular consumers.

DisplayMate writes, “In fact, the Surface Pro 4 has one of the very best and most accurate displays available on any mobile platform and OS. It joins near the top of a small set of Tablets that have excellent top tier displays – ideal for professionals that need a very accurate high performance display for their work, and for consumers that want and appreciate a really nice and beautiful display.”

The results of their testing also found that the tablet’s display to be relatively power efficient at 4.8 watts. The tablet’s predecessor is slightly more efficient at 4.3 watts but given the higher resolution of the Surface Pro 4, we suppose this is to be expected. They also compared it against the iPad Air 2 which isn’t quite as efficient at 8.3 watts.

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