tmobile-signRemember yesterday AT&T announced that they would be launching a new service that basically allows one number to be shared amongst multiple devices? This is a pretty nifty feature especially if you own multiple connected devices. However it looks like T-Mobile does not want AT&T to have all the fun, and have recently announced something similar of their own.

However T-Mobile’s feature has yet to go live as the company is still working on it. According to the carrier’s operating chief Mike Sievert, he told Re/code that they are working to give customers that option, but did not go into details other than saying that when they are done, it will make AT&T’s offering “look small”.

According to Sievert, “What we are working on will make this version one offering from AT&T look small. Our strategy is to ask customers what they want and need, and then build it. AT&T’s is to build or buy things, and then try to convince customers they asked for it.” Unfortunately there is no date on when T-Mobile’s version will launch, so we guess we will just have to wait for it.

That being said with T-Mobile publicly announcing their plans for the service, where does that leave Sprint and Verizon? When asked to comment, neither carriers had anything to share but presumably as this feature gains traction, perhaps they could be eager to jump on board as well.

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