To celebrate Yahoo Mail’s 18th birthday this month the company has rolled out a totally revamped Yahoo Mail app that it says is more fast, beautiful and intuitive than ever before. The new app has been designed from the ground up and it focuses on speed and simplicity, it comes with several new features, while also dumping passwords. It’s the first app from Yahoo that features the company’s password-free sign-in technology that it calls Yahoo Account Key, “taking user convenience and security to the next level.”

Yahoo Mail finally gets multiple mail management with this update, users can access and manage their Outlook, Hotmail and AOL mail accounts from the new Yahoo Mail app as well as through the browser interface. Each connected mailbox will get access to Yahoo Mail’s features such as smart contacts, auto-suggest, search and rich compose.

The new app enables users to compose better email, attached photos and videos appear right in the email and they’re scaled automatically, with users having the option to convert them into a regular attachment. It recognizes people’s habit of sending emails to themselves with notes and reminders so in order to do that now just long-press the compose button in Yahoo Mail to send a “me” mail.

It makes avatars more beautiful by pulling curated photos from Flickr to show the sender’s initials, introduces new swipe gestures to quickly go through messages, adds a Yahoo news icon in the top right corner and provides powerful contact cards to better manage everyone in the address book.

Then there’s the new Yahoo sign-in experience called Yahoo Account Key. It uses push notifications to get rid of passwords, if a user wants to sign in on their desktop they just need to enter the user ID and a notification will then be pushed to their phone. If they accept the notification they will be signed in otherwise Yahoo won’t provide access to the account, thus eliminating the need for users to remember passwords.

The new Yahoo Mail app is now live in the App Store and it’s now being rolled out for Android users in the Google Play Store.

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