If you want to track your health like how many steps you’ve made, how many calories you’ve burnt, your heart rate, and more, you will probably need to turn to a fitness band or a smartwatch with those features. However in the future maybe we won’t need such wearables as biometric tattoos might be the next big thing.

Developed by Chaotic Moon Studios, these temporary tattoos are basically a combination of sensors and conductive paint. They will be able to track all sorts of things about the wearer, like their heart rate to body temperature and even their location. This might be useful if you want to share your biometrics with your doctor remotely, thus making remote checkups possible (to a certain degree).

According to Eric Schneider, the creative technologist for Chaotic Moon, “This is going beyond what the fitness tracker is. This is something you can put on your body once a year that monitors everything [a clinic] would do in a physical, and sends that to your doctor. If there’s an issue, they could just call you.”

Besides health purposes, there are also potential uses for banking or even military application. Speaking to TechCrunch, Chaotic Moon’s CEO Ben Lamm said, “We think there’s military applications for it, health applications for it, and there are all kinds of opportunities around it. It’s a platform that basically turns you into a human circuit board.”

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