It is impossible to avoid spoilers on the internet, whether it’s an article you’re reading that gives something up or a friend that’s deliberately posting spoilers on Facebook. This is a battle that many of us are familiar with but fortunately people have come up with ways to make sure that we are protected from spoilers. Star Wars fans will be delighted to find out that there’s a new extension available for the Chrome browser now that blocks any and all Star Wars-related spoilers.

What the extension basically does is quickly scan the page that’s loading in Chrome to locate any mentions to Star Wars, be it the name of the franchise itself or terms related to the movies, and if does discover that it immediately shields the user from it.

It does that by covering the entire page with the movie logo and even adding yellow-scroll text that’s in line with the Star Wars theme, the message warns of potential spoilers ahead and does give users the option to proceed anyway if they think they’ll be able to handle the spoilers.

Given that it blocks any and all mentions of Star Wars this means that the message will pop up on any website that even mentions the name. For example if a website is running a story about the Star Wars cast, which is already public and can’t be considered as a spoiler, the extension will consider it as a potential spoiler any way.

The extension also needs a couple of seconds to scan the page before shielding the user and that can be ample time to catch something out of the corner of the eye that just ruins everything. It’s not perfect but it does adequately achieve what it has set out to do.

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