star warsThe first ever Star Wars movie was released in 1977. Not counting the cartoons and books, to date there have only been 6 Star Wars movies released, and later this year the seventh will be released. This means that the franchise is nearly four decades old. However it looks like Disney has no plans of stopping or slowing down anytime soon.

According to an article on WIRED, it seems that Disney has very, very, very long-term goals for the Star Wars franchise, one that they expect to last indefinitely. In fact the company has expressed interest in putting out a new Star Wars movie every year if it is possible, and that as long as people keep buying tickets, they have no intention of stopping.

No doubt this is good news for fans, but we have to wonder if an annual release is a good idea. After all we have seen video games that are released on an annual basis and while they are still doing well, we guess the hype and excitement are not really that strong anymore since gamers are expecting it.

We’re also not sure if Disney will be able to come up with content and new characters that new generations will come to love, but here’s hoping they do. According to WIRED’s Adam Rogers, “These new movies won’t just be sequels. That’s not the way the transnational entertainment business works anymore. Forget finite sequences; now it’s about infinite series.”

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