dji phantom 3It was suggested last month that the FAA was interested in implementing a drone registration program. Basically this means that if you want to buy a drone and fly it legally, you will have to register it with the FAA. The process is supposed to be simple and straightforward, kind of like how you would register a product you bought with a company.


That being said, it looks like drone maker DJI also wants its customers to be more responsible and accountable, so much so that the company has recently announced a geofencing system for its drones. This system will provide drone owners with up-to-date information how locations where they can or cannot fly.

This information will be updated constantly so say there is a fire going on in a certain area, or an event taking place at a stadium, drone owners will be advised not to fly to those areas. However this is more than just a warning system. The new system will also prevent drones from flying into or taking off in locations where there might be safety or security concerns, like prisons or national-security locations in Washington D.C.

That being said, users can created verified DJI accounts. These accounts will allow users to temporarily unlock or self-authorize flights, but given that they are verified accounts, any mischief or trouble you land yourself in will and can be traced back to you. According to DJI’s VP of Policy and Legal Affairs, “We believe this major upgrade to our geofencing system will do even more to help operators understand their local flight environment, and to make smart, educated decisions about when and where to fly their drones.”

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