bridge-inspection-droneAs you might have heard, last month the FAA announced that they were planning on instituting a registration program for drones. Basically with drones being so widely available, there are probably tons of drones up in the sky at the moment, some of which might be encroaching on restricted air space or being in places or doing things that they’re not supposed to do.

The idea is that by registering drones, there will be some kind of accountability involved. We suppose that’s fair enough, but it seems that in the process, some opportunistic companies have sprung up and are offering their services to register your drone on your behalf, and charging a small fee in the process.

The good news is that the FAA has caught wind of this and has since issued a warning to drone users, warning them against going to these drone registration firms. According to the FAA, “The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) wants unmanned aircraft owners to know that there’s no need to work with a “drone registration” company to help them file an application for a registration number.”

They also note that registering a drone will be simple and straightforward, similar to how you would register a product with a company, so if you’re thinking that it will involve stacks of paperwork and a lot of red tape, that won’t be the case. While you could hire a company to do it for you, basically the FAA wants you to know that it will be simple enough where you can do it yourself, saving some money in the process.

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