parc droneIt looks like the registration of drones is going to be a big thing now, even though you do not need to pay anyone to register your drone. Basically, remote-controlled aircraft that are larger than 9 ounces, which would more or less mean hobbyist drones, will have to be registered with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) under recommendations put forward by leaders of a drone task force earlier this week.

Should these recommendations be adopted, then drone owners will need to register their names and physical addresses. When you register your drone, it will be marked with a unique number, although this does not translate to the drone’s serial number. The whole idea of doing this would be to identify the owner.

​The registry points to federal regulators doing their bit in keeping our skies safe and sound, as more and more people purchase drones, hence increasing the possibility of sharing the airspace with passenger planes that might be dangerous to passengers onboard. The proposed registry will also enable authorities to track down hobbyists should a drone collide with another aircraft, or if it happens to fly above the legal zone, or trespass onto airport territory. If you are a hobbyist, are you all right with the registration of your drone?

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