According to a new report Facebook is jumping on the ephemeral messaging bandwagon as well by testing a new feature in the standalone Facebook Messenger app, for now the test appears to be limited to users in France, it allows them to send messages to contacts that are timed to disappear automatically after one hour. The test comes merely days after Instagram, a Facebook-owned company, launch what is essentially its version of Snapchat Stories.


Facebook has confirmed the test and revealed that this feature can be turned on for any conversation in Messenger by tapping on the hourglass icon in the top right. It will only apply to one conversation and not all threads in Messenger, users can turn off the feature at any time.

It’s not clear when this test will be expanded to markets other than France, but this possibility has not been ruled out, so it’s quite likely that at some point in the near future this ephemeral messaging test of Facebook Messenger will be available in other markets as well.

This feature will essentially bring the core Snapchat feature over to Facebook Messenger, the world’s largest social network did initially try to purchase Snapchat, but the startup ended up rejecting the $3 billion offer from Zuckerberg and company.

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