Marvel fans will be quite happy today as the first Captain America: Civil War trailer has been released today. Between its Avengers movies Marvel releases movies that feature individual heroes who make up the Avengers team, it’s a good way to fill up the gaps in between and obviously make more money off of the different franchises. Today Marvel has released the first trailer for the third Captain America film starring Chris Evans in the lead.

The trailer was actually released during the appearance of Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show. It was there that the stars revealed the first poster for this film as well as the first official trailer, much to the delight of Marvel fans across the globe.

It doesn’t give much away about the actual plot and storyline, why would it, but there’s a very interesting fight sequence that it offers a glimpse at. We get to see Captain America and Iron Man engaged in some serious brawling and the fact that the official poster reads “Divided we fall” goes to show not all is well between the two Avengers comrades.

Expect to see more promotion material from Marvel concerning this new Captain America movie. Captain America: Civil War is going to premiere on May 6, 2016.

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