PBS has long been the home to Sesame Street but it was confirmed a couple of months back that Sesame Street is moving, that too to a cable giant that’s not exactly that well known for its children’s programming, nevertheless the Sesame Workshop has signed a deal which makes the next five seasons of this show exclusive to HBO. It has been confirmed today that the first Sesame Street season on HBO will air January 16th, 2016.


HBO confirmed today that the 46th season of Sesame Street will air on January 16th, 2016 at 9 am Eastern and Pacific. Viewers will also be able to stream all episodes from the previous five seasons through HBO Go and HBO Now.

Some changes have been made to the format as well so it won’t be quite like what you remember from your childhood. On HBO Sesame Street episodes will only be 30 minutes long instead of a full hour, the cable giant has also made changes to the show’s opening and some of its most popular characters like the Cookie Monster.

PBS has not been completely kept out of the loop, it will be able to air the new seasons as well, nine months after the season has been aired on HBO. Expect the 46th season to air on PBS in fall 2016.

If Sesame Street is not your thing perhaps the first teaser for HBO’s Game of Thrones season six will interest you, the new season premieres in April 2016.

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