A friendly bear... that looks at you to sense your emotional state

A friendly bear… that looks at you to sense your emotional state

Fujitsu is working on a product that it hopes will attract broadcasters worldwide: a cloud service that can measure the spectator’s emotion in real-time. There are several components to “sense” the user emotion. Classic ways to do it is by monitoring social network signals – a lot of players are already doing this. However, Fujitsu would ideally like to put a camera in homes to see people’s faces and analyze their emotion.

Obviously, you can imagine that it may be a bit scary to have a camera in your home, looking at your facial expressions, so for the time being, Fujitsu is making it into a teddy-bear robot, which can move its head to scan its surroundings. While it is much more friendly-looking than a plain camera at the top of your TV, Fujitsu recognizes that convincing customers to accept something like this will be difficult, but they hope it won’t be impossible.

fujitsu-engagement_aIn any case, if the sensing part works, Fujitsu will analyze the data in its cloud, which will then recommend TV programs in real-time. Ideally, broadcasters would pay for this information. I found the data visualization eye-catching, but it’s fair to say that this kind of business remains hard to break into, so good luck to them.

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