google store 2A report from yesterday revealed that Amazon would be launching their first ever physical bookstore. An interesting move from a company who specializes in online retail. If you were expecting more tech companies to follow suit, Google might not be one of them. According to new reports, Google has apparently ditched their plans for their first ever retail store.

The reports claim that the store would be setup in New York City. In fact it would seem that Google has spent a whopping $6 million in renovating the store and getting it ready to display the company’s products, but for some reason, they decided to scrap that plan. Instead the property will now be leased out and supposedly Google is looking for $2.25 million a year in rent.

This is not the first time Google has been rumored to setup their own store. There have been booths and sections setup within other retailers in the past that displayed Google products, but this store in New York would have apparently been the company’s first standalone store. Google has not confirmed the reports so be sure to take it with a grain of salt for now.

However according to Michael Glanzberg, a principal at the real estate brokerage and advisory group Sinvin Real Estate who is marketing the property that Google supposedly wants to lease, the location is prime for a brand who is “at the top of their field”, which we guess does sound like Google. According to Glanzberg who would not confirmed that Google is his company’s client, “It’s an extraordinary buildout—architecturally there really is nothing else like it in SoHo.”

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