hero-30In the world of warfare, you can be sure that there will be plenty of different ways in which technology is delivered and made use of, and drones are one aspect of modern day warfare that should never be discounted. In fact, drones come in handy to scout a hostile area without having to risk the life and limb of a pilot, and it can even be used to deliver sorties. How about streamlining drones to make them smaller and more deadly? Israel has already begun to sell kamikaze micro-drones which might just change the face of modern warfare. These micro-drones are known as Hero-30, where they tip the scales at under 7 pounds, and yet have the ability to zip around with a one-pound warhead.

Such a small drone is almost Star Wars-like in nature, where it will launch from its pneumatic carrying tube, before extending its wings to get up and about at speeds of up to 115 mph. The ability to move that fast is attributed to an electric propeller within, and the Hero-30 also has the ability to cruise at slow speeds so that it can loiter over an area while waiting for the right time to strike. There is a stabilized camera and a thermal imager located in the nose which will send video feedback to the operator.

A flight time of 30 minutes for the Hero-30 is adequate to locate, identify, and confirm a target several miles away. uVision is the company behind the Hero-30 drone, where it might actually end up as a disruptive force in military technology, although having it fall into the wrong hands could prove to be rather dire as well.

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