project-wingDrones are all over the news these days, and for good reason, too. There have been calls to regulate the drone industry, if you may call it that, and drones are still being figured out by companies and corporations as how one will be able to maximize their use. Internet search giant Google has an idea – not a new one, but with their size and clout, they might make a really massive statement, by working on drone deliveries by the time 2017 rolls around.

According to Google’s Head of company’s Project Wing, David Vos, guidelines are right now being developed with FAA when it comes down to identifying, tracking and co-ordinating unmanned craft that fly at low altitudes. It seems that Google hopes to kick off the delivery of packages to consumers without the need for a delivery man, but through drones alone, a couple of years from now.

Vos shared, “Our goal is to have commercial business up and running in 2017. We’re pretty much on a campaign here, working with the FAA, working with the small UAV community and the aviation community at large, to move things along. We think we can accomplish a lot in the next three, six, 12 months. And we’re hoping to get some strong support to make this happen.”

Of course, with a potentially luscious slice of pie that is as large as drone deliveries, you can be sure that Google isn’t the only “vulture” surrounding its “prey”, as another behemoth in the form of Amazon, too, are investigating the possibilities of relying on drones for deliveries.

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