hoverboardLast week we reported that in NYC, the state had declared that “hoverboards” were considered illegal and that anyone caught riding them would be subject to a fine. It looks like it didn’t take long for that decision to catch on overseas because now according to reports, it looks like these devices are banned in NSW, Australia.

This was confirmed by roads minister Duncan Gay, “Hoverboards are the hot ticket item on many Christmas wishlists, but we need shoppers to keep safety front of mind before they put their money down. I don’t want to be the Christmas Grinch, but I want people to know and send a message that these new toys have real safety concerns.”

For those unfamiliar, these devices aren’t technically hoverboards per se. They are more like Segways without the handles but they have since been referred to as hoverboards. While they’re not exactly speedsters, the fact that they allow a person to travel at speeds up to 26km/h and require no training is what Gay is worried about.

He claims, “They are motorised and can travel at speeds up to 26km/h, yet require no training to use them, they don’t have adequate brakes and don’t have lights or warning indicators, meaning they can’t interact safely with other road users like pedestrians.” Those caught using them will be facing a fine of up to $637.

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