Last year HP announced that they were teaming up with American designer Michael Bastian for a smartwatch. The result was a pretty stylish-looking piece of technology. However this year, HP has opted to partner with Movado, whom for those unfamiliar is a Swiss watchmaker. The result is the Movado Bold Motion.

As you can see in the video, the Movado Bold Motion is similar to last year’s smartwatch by HP in the sense that HP will be keeping the designs of its wearables particularly traditional. This means that on the surface anyone could assume that it is a traditional timepiece as opposed to some hi-tech piece of gadgetry.

The Bold Motion features a 44mm watch face with LED backlighting in blue or white. This light will go off whenever you receive a notification and will display a specific pattern and vibration. This will allow users to differentiate between a message or a reminder, for example. The Bold Motion also comes with a step tracker and will track your daily progress via a ring around the watch face.

The only downside here is that you sacrifice features like a touchscreen display for a more traditional look. So if you want a smartwatch that you can reply messages to or browse photos on, the Bold Motion is not it. However if you want a more traditional timepiece with a bit of a tech upgrade, then the Bold Motion could be worth checking out. It is priced at $695 and can be found on Movado’s website.

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