ipad mini 4 handThe iPad Pro is Apple’s latest iPad. It’s also Apple’s largest iPad and probably the iPad that features the most major changes, what with a Smart Keyboard dock and support for a stylus in the form of the Apple Pencil. Clearly this is aimed at users who might have such need for productivity and not so much your regular Joe.

That being said, how does the display of the iPad Pro compare to the rest of Apple’s tablets? It turns out it is pretty good, but apparently overall and generally speaking, it looks like the iPad mini 4 has managed to outperform the iPad Pro’s display, at least according to DisplayMate’s Dr. Raymond Soneira.

Soneira recently did a pretty extensive review of the displays in Apple’s new iPads. According to his findings, the iPad Pro scores pretty well in terms of its high contrast ratio. This is thanks to its photo-aligned IPS LCD display. There are also features built into its display that helps it conserve battery compared to the other iPads which is a plus.

While these are no doubt advantages, Soneira’s review found that the iPad mini 4 actually performed better in more areas. For example it has the lowest reflectance amongst the iPads, thus making it easier to see in ambient light. Its color gamut is also better compared to the iPad Pro and iPad Air 2 which Soneira found to have too large color gamuts and over-saturated blues.

The end result? The iPad Pro scored a “very good” while the iPad mini 4 score an “excellent”. Of course there is more to choosing a tablet than just its display, but if color reproduction, gamut, contrast, and etc. are of high importance to you, then do check out Soneira’s extensive review to get the low-down.

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