There’s an abundance of Star Wars related news these days, I’m sure fans are not complaining, most of them actually like seeing the new TV spots that are being released as they give them a glimpse of what to expect from the upcoming movie. Today yet another Star Wars: The Force Awakens TV spot has been released but the latest one almost entirely focuses on Kylo Ren and the First Order.

The latest TV spot opens with the familiar Imperial March cue that instantly reminds you of Darth Vader, teasing yet again the presence of Darth Vader, his burned mask has been shown in previous spots but given his influence over Kylo Ren this could mean that fans might be in for a surprise.

Kylo Ren’s supernatural powers are also shown briefly in this TV spot, we get a glimpse of Poe Dameron as well, who is struggling to keep his calm has Kylo Ren menacingly hovers his hand in front of Dameron’s face and unleashes some supernatural force on him.

You don’t have to be a super-fan to notice the similarities between this scene and the countless times in the franchise that we have seen Vader inflict such pain by simply lifting his hand.

Pay attention to the off-screen conversation between Kylo Ren and Supreme Leader Snoke, it’s the same question that has been asked in previous trailers, “There has been an awakening. Have you felt it?,” the good news is that this one gives some context. Do check it out.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is out December 18th.

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