Nexus-5X-black-01If you have a Nexus 5X and you are having some issues with the phone’s touchscreen while charging, it seems that you’re not alone. It turns out that there have been various reports on Google, Reddit, and XDA in which Nexus 5X owners are reporting that when their device is charging, their phone’s display becomes laggy or unresponsive.

So what’s going on? Might this be a hardware or software issue? While Google might have caught wind of the problem, they have yet to officially comment on it. However according to the users who have had the problems, they might have worked out as to why their phones are experiencing this issue.

While it was initially thought that the phone isn’t shielded well enough to cope with 3A charging, it has been discovered that the issue lies with the charger itself. Apparently they are insufficiently grounded due to the use of a plastic grounding pin that LG uses with its charger. If you have an alternate USB charger, maybe you can try that and see if it helps.

Assuming that the issue really lies in the charger, we’re not sure what Google/LG will be doing about this other than offering replacement chargers. Either way we have to wait and see what the companies say, but in the meantime any of our readers experiencing this issue themselves?

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