If you own a pet like a cat or a dog, chances are you are very attached to them just as they are to you. However sometimes because of holiday or work, you have to leave them at home or with a friend/family member until you get back. No doubt your pet misses you quite a bit, and the good news is that they can now get in touch with you.

Yup, there actually exists a device called PetChatz. What is PetChatz? Basically you could think of it as the Skype for pets. All your pet has to do is press their paw onto the button and it will initiate a video call to their owner, and from there you will get to see your pet, talk to them, and tell them how much you miss them.

However it is more than just a video calling button. Through the device, you will also be able to dispense treats for your pet to keep them happy while you’re away. You can also release a “soothing scent” to calm them down, as well as receive sound and motion detection alerts of your pet’s movements.

It’s an interesting idea but we’re not sure how useful it will be. After all what’s stopping your pet from accidentally pressing it, or even better, what’s stopping from them wandering off when you’re trying to get a look at them? In any case the PetChatz HD webcam is priced at $379 and will be available in January 2016, while the PawCall (the button that lets your pet call) is priced at $99.99 and will be released in February 2016.

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