samsung logoA semiconductor division of Samsung Electronics has just popped open a bottle of bubbly to celebrate the fact that they have come up with a chip that could see action in the next big wave of devices – wearables. Known as the “Bio Processor”, it happens to be a system-in-package design in the same vein of the Apple Watch chip, where you will be able to find goodies such as an embedded electrocardiogram reader, an application processor, and Bluetooth modules.

It does look as though Samsung has a particularly strong interest in ECG monitoring, citing that having such a sensor would allow it to monitor the condition of one’s health as well as to secure information, now how about that? Humans, after all, do boast of our very own special heart beat patterns, and this can be used to our advantage when it comes to a form of biometric security.

Other uses of the “Bio Processor” could be to use it as a part of biometrics-based automation, as you no longer have to remember passwords or make sure your thumbprint’s intact. Those who are interested in sports can always make use of the ECG sensor in order to track their heartbeat, breathing rate, and level of stress measurements so that their performance levels can be noted and improved where possible. It remains to be seen when such a “Bio Processor” will see action in commercial devices though, so patience is required.

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