samsung foldable patentWhile we have seen displays that can be flexed, phones or tablets that feature truly flexible or bendable displays have yet to become mainstream. This is despite the fact that we know companies such as Samsung who have been working on the technology for quite some time now.

In fact there have been rumors about Samsung working on a device codenamed Project Valley which will apparently be a phone with a foldable dual-screen. That being said, a new patent from Samsung has surfaced which might be more clues as to what Project Valley could look like, and how its screen will function as well.

As you can see in the diagram, it shows how the display can be folded and kept as a smartphone, but at the same time it can be unfolded where it becomes a tablet. This two-in-one device is pretty clever and not to mention very convenient as well. Of course whether or not this is actually how Project Valley will look like is anyone’s guess.

This is definitely not the first time that Samsung has patented such an idea and we doubt it will be the last, but each patent application seems to vary ever so slightly, so perhaps there is an overarching theme in its design that might make it to the final product – who knows?

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