samsung-EV-NX500_011_Detail1_BrownThere have been rumors recently that have suggested that Samsung could be considering shutting down its digital camera business, and now it looks like there is evidence to suggest that is the case. According to a report from German magazine FotoMagazin (via Photo Rumors), it looks like Samsung has pulled out of the country officially as far as cameras are concerned.

According to the statement provided by Samsung, it translates to, “In Germany, we have been observing for some time a gradual decline in demand for digital cameras, camcorders and related accessories. We have to adapt to the demands of the market and have therefore decided to phase out sales and marketing of these products gradually. This is a decision that affects only the German market.”

Does this sound familiar? If you think it does, it is because last week there was a report of Samsung discontinuing the NX1 in Europe, Hong Kong, and Australia, and according to a statement Samsung provided at that time, it reads pretty much the same as this in which Samsung claimed to be acting according to demand.

Samsung has yet to officially confirm that they will be exiting the camera business, but all signs sure seem to point towards that direction.

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