Package deliveries are pretty common and for the most part they are done by human beings. However recently we have seen some ideas tossed out there that suggests that deliveries could be made by drones in the future, and while we’re seeing plenty of companies take to the skies, Skype’s founders Ahti Heinla and Janus Friis are envisioning a different future.

The founders have created a company called Starship Technologies and one of the products from the company is a robot that will apparently help make grocery deliveries. The robot will be 99% autonomous but there will still be human oversight just in case things go wrong. The idea is to create a delivery service on the ground that can make deliveries for less than £1.

The robot will be able to carry two grocery bags worth of items that weighs up to 20lbs. Deliveries are expected to take less than 30 minutes and the robot will be able to find its way around using mapping and navigational technology, as well as various sensors onboard that helps it avoid obstacles.

The items within the robot are secured and can only be opened via the customer’s mobile device, so don’t worry about people stealing your groceries along the way. Starship expects to launch a pilot service in the UK come 2016 and are aimed mostly at suburban areas like Greenwich in East London.

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