street fighter 5Street Fighter V has been pegged for a release in 2016. The game will feature 16 characters that are part of its roster at launch, but as you might have heard, the company will be releasing 6 new characters as part of DLC releases in 2016, but the question is when? Will they be released all at once? Maybe we’ll see half first, and half later?

Speaking with GameSpot during the Paris Games Week, the game’s producer Yoshinori Ono and Brand director Matt Dahlgren talked about the DLC and how they plan on handling it. According to Dahlgren, “So, we’re still working out the cadence on how quickly that’s going to happen, but what we’re working towards internally is about one character every two months. So we’ve been able to map out that we’re going to have six within the first year and plan to continue to build after that.”

That means that in 2016 alone, gamers can expect to look forward to choosing between 22 characters, and with more potentially being added to the ranks later. Dahlgren also stated that Capcom had very long term plans for the game, and that they will be ensuring that balancing adjustments to the game will be made for free.

Dahlgren says, “For the first time in franchise history we’re going to allow all balance adjustments to be available free of charge, so we’re treating it as a platform. If you purchase the game, you’ll be able to upgrade to the content throughout its lifespan and you’re never going to be punished if you take a break from playing the game.”

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