Drones, love ‘em or hate ‘em. There are plenty of hobbyists out there as well as videographers, photographers, and filmmakers who love the technology as it does allow them to get some pretty amazing and stunning footage, footage that they might not have been able to capture unless they had more expensive equipment.

However while some of us love our drones, nature not so much. A couple of months ago there was a video that showed an eagle attacking a drone believing that it was a rival, and now thanks to a new video, it shows a swarm of bees angrily defending themselves against a quadcopter that was going about its own business.

Presumably this is because the loud noise being emitted by the drone was perceived to be a threat by the bees, but safe to say that their stingers probably did not do much damage to the drone. However the resulting footage is quite scary and shows nature doing what nature does best.

That being said, while nature does not appear to be a fan of drones, there are humans who aren’t too thrilled either. There was a case of a man shooting down a drone that was flying over his home, and there is now a law that allows firefighters to ground drones if they determine that the drones are getting in the way of rescue work.

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