windows-10While Microsoft is busy trying to push out Windows 10 to as many users as possible, it seems that it might be an uphill battle. According to a report from Laptop, it seems that OEMs such as Dell and HP are apparently trying to get users to downgrade from Windows 10 to older builds of Windows, such as Windows 8.1.


Like we said, it looks like Microsoft is facing an uphill battle here. What the folks at Laptop did was they called tech support at both companies and asked the reps there certain technical questions about Windows 10. In one instance a Dell rep told them that they should revert their laptop back to Windows 8.1, claiming that there are a lot of glitches with Microsoft’s latest operating system.

A similar incident happened with HP in which the tech support recommended buying a $40 recovery USB key to get back an older version of Windows. In a statement Dell released to Laptop, “As Windows 10 continues to evolve, we sometimes recommend a customer revert to their previous operating system to troubleshoot a specific issue they’re having.”

The company also adds, “We remain committed to Windows 10 and are ready to help our customers make the transition as easy as possible.” As for HP, the company’s VP of customer experience Mike Nash said, “At the end of the day, the person’s job is to get the PC running,” Nash said, “Given the scenario, it might have been the most expeditious thing to get them back to a known good space.”

So far reviews of Windows 10 have been largely positive. This is versus Windows 8 where users were just plain confused with the direction that Microsoft was trying to go. Perhaps as Windows 10 matures, tech support will become more well-versed with the operating system but for now, don’t be surprised if you were to call tech support that you might be recommended to rollback to an older version of Windows.

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