About a month back Tesla formally announced its Model X crossover, it also happens the to be the company’s first SUV that sticks with the all-electric mantra and features some very cool design elements like the falcon doors. Many were interested to know what this car would cost since Tesla didn’t really address that during the unveiling, today it’s allowing general production Model X customers to configure their models via its online configuration, and the price tag for the base model is as high as you’d expect it to be for a Tesla.

The base Model X 70D with a 70kWh battery starts at $80,000, though customers do get federal incentives with some states also pitching in to reward citizens for purchasing a very environmentally friendly car. It promises 0-60mph in 6.0 seconds with a top speed of 140 and an EPA estimated average range of 220 miles.

Customers who require more performance can go for the 90D and P90D high performance models that promise 0-60mph in 4.9 seconds and 3.8 seconds respectively. On the P90D the benchmark speed can actually be achieved in 3.2 seconds with the Ludicrous mode switched on. Top speed is capped at 150mph with both the 90D and P90D getting smart air suspension, the P90D also has an active spoiler. All three models have all-wheel drive.

It’s safe to say that the other two models will cost considerably more than the $80,000 that Tesla is asking for the base model, as we have seen with the Model S, the price tag can go north of $100,000 quite easily. Tesla expects to being deliveries of the Model X by late next year.

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