twitch-ao-banIn the recent years it would seem like the number of websites and databases that have been hacked are on the rise. This has prompted companies to introduce new methods of authenticating oneself, such as using a fingerprint or using their iris. There have also been many companies that have introduced two-factor authentication, such as Apple after the iCloud hack.

That being said the good news is that if you’re a Twitch user and you’re looking to better secure your account, you might be pleased to learn that Twitch has officially introduced the two-factor authentication system to its platform. This new security layer will be 100% voluntary, meaning that if you still think your password is unbreakable, you can go ahead and keep using it.

For those who are unfamiliar with the two-factor authentication, Twitch has explained it pretty succinctly. “Two-factor authentication (2FA) requires two different methods of verification to log in to your Twitch account: your password and your mobile phone. Each time you log in, you’ll enter your password and a unique code that we’ll send to your mobile phone. If your password is somehow compromised, your account will be inaccessible without the code we send your phone.”

Users who wish to enable this feature will have to go to the Security section in Settings, select Enable Two-Factor Authentication, enter your Twitch password, enter a phone number that the code will be sent to, and enter the verification code that you receive to prove that you are indeed enabling the feature.

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