When it comes to home security systems, installing cameras around the house is pretty much the standard. However if you have seen movies involving spies and heists, you know that the first thing they do is take out the cameras which will pretty much render your home security system useless.

This is where Xandem comes in. This is a security system for your home that does not rely on cameras, thus making your security system inconspicuous so that people don’t even know that it is there. So how does this work? Basically Xandem will employ a motion-detecting wireless mesh network that will alert you to intruders.

All users have to do is plug in the nodes and they’re good to go, and the network can even travel through objects and follow subjects, thus ensuring that it will pretty much cover your entire home if setup properly. We suppose the only downside is that you won’t have any footage of people committing crimes in your home, but if you wanted an inconspicuous intruder-detection system, this could be it.

Unfortunately Xandem is not cheap to setup and will require a minimum pledge on Indiegogo of $475. This will get you a 10-node system, but if you want more nodes you can pay $575 for 15-nodes. If this sounds like a potentially interesting home security system, then head on over to its Indiegogo page and pledge your support.

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