Hoverboards became a household name this year, they also became the must have accessory for the “cool kids,” even though consumer safety agencies have found some of them to be potential fire risks. That’s really one of the reasons why hoverboards are being banned by everyone from airlines to universities. There is a world beyond these self-balancing scooters though, hoverboards that can actually fly, but they tend to cost as much as $20,000.

What most people call hoverboards these days are in reality self balancing scooters. A hoverboard is much like the Slide board that Lexus showed off earlier this year, and ArcaSpace’s hoverboard is much the same.

ArcaSpace is actually a private space company but it’s dabbling in hoverboards as well, the ArcaBoard is basically a rectangle powered by fans that’s capable of lifting the rider up to one feet from the ground and stay that way for about six minutes.

36 electric fans 272 horsepower or 430 pounds of thrust to this hoverboard which also comes with self balancing technology that enables the contraption to fly smoothly. We do get to see ArcaSpace’s CEO Dumitru Propescu ride it around in the video which shows that the ArcaBoard works as advertised.

It’s priced well outside of the reach of any normal person, because a big chunk of the population doesn’t actually have $20,000 to spend on a hoverboard, but it goes to show that this technology can work and it may find a permanent place in our future if it ever becomes safe enough.

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