Hoverboards have made quite a reputation for themselves particularly this year as they were deemed to be the must have accessory for the cool kids, but there have been many who don’t like them, who think that one looks ridiculous when riding on a hoverboard that’s really a self-balancing scooter in reality. They have also proven to be a fire risk in some cases, so much so that retailers and airlines are washing their hands off hoverboards, with the United States Postal Service doing something similar.

The country’s postal service has confirmed that it’s no longer going to be shipping hoverboards by airplanes, citing potential fire risk that’s caused by this gadget’s battery. That’s the main reason why it will no longer carry hoverboards on airplanes.

It won’t stop shipping these scooters altogether though, U.S. Postal Service is still going to deliver them using ground shipping methods such as Standard Post. U.S. Postal Service’s decision is effective immediately.

As reports about fires caused by hoverboards picked up Amazon started banning some products from its website that it deemed to be not compliant with safety standards. It’s telling manufacturers that have listed those products that they can no longer sell them through Amazon.

Amazon has also started reaching out to customers that may have purchased those products to inform them of the potential fire risk, advising them to dispose off the hoverboards and then get a refund from it.

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