hoverboardYou might recall that back in 2015, hoverboards were one of the more popular tech trends and were also one of the more popular gift ideas at that time. Unfortunately following a spate of explosions, the device was banned and deemed unsafe, leading to retailers such as Amazon pulling the device from their shelves.

If you thought that was the end of that, think again because according to a recent report, a family from Nashville is suing Amazon for a hoverboard that exploded and destroyed their $1 million home. So the question is, why Amazon? After all the company only sold them and weren’t responsible for making them, right?

According to Steve Anderson, of the Nashville law firm Anderson & Reynolds PLC, the reason for suing Amazon is because the company had allegedly knowingly sold the product despite knowing of its potential danger. “The Foxes [the family suing Amazon] contend that Amazon and its various subsidiaries had information about the danger of this product well in advance of the Jan. 9 fire, and on top of that, they had notice, they should have known the product was being misrepresented on their website.”

He adds, “The most horrific thing was obviously the episode that day and trying to rescue these two teenagers, and the profound impact on them. It’s also important to consider that literally in a matter of few minutes every single personal possession of this entire family was destroyed.” Earlier this year, Amazon started to offer refunds on the hoverboard, but we guess that wasn’t enough.

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