smart battery case teardownA few days ago Apple launched the Smart Battery Case designed for the iPhone. According to Apple’s claims, it seems that the Smart Battery Case will provide an estimated 25 hours worth of extra talk time to the iPhone on a single charge, which is pretty impressive actually, but what size battery is under the hood?

Thanks to the folks at iFixit, their recent teardown has revealed that the battery Apple is hiding under the case is actually a 1,877mAh battery at 3.8V, which according to them is more than double your iPhone 6s’ battery at 6.55Whr. Apart from discovering the size of the battery, their teardown also reveals how neatly designed the components are, which is to be expected from Apple.

Despite the exterior design leaving much to be desired, it seems that internally things are arranged pretty neatly. However its design also means that repairing the case will be next to impossible as it as scored a 2/10 for repairability. One of the main issues here would be the microfiber lining which is extremely hard to remove, and we imagine based on the photo above that once removed, will be hard to replace back in its original state.

The battery is also adhered very strongly to the case itself, so removing it is possible albeit a bit of a chore. The Smart Battery Case is priced at $99 so we guess replacing it won’t exactly break the bank, but at the same time we suppose you’d want to take good care of it as well.

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