fallout shelterEarlier this year during E3, Bethesda announced Fallout Shelter. For those unfamiliar, this is a mobile game, one of Bethesda’s first in fact, based on the Fallout franchise. It allowed gamers to build a Vault, recruit dwellers and basically build it up and defend it against attacks while gathering resources.

It was a sim of sorts similar to the likes of Tiny Tower. The game proved to be a huge success and pulled $5.1 million in the first two weeks of its release from in-app purchases alone. In fact it was even speculated that the game might have even beaten Candy Crush in terms of revenue, which is why it isn’t surprising to learn that Bethesda is interested in furthering its mobile game development.

In an announcement on its blog, Bethesda revealed that they will be opening up shop in Montreal. The offices in Montreal will allow the studio to expand their development for console, PC, and mobile titles. Of course whether or not we will see more mobile titles from the studio is another story, but in the meantime it certainly does suggest that Bethesda is very keen on it.

The studio was initially skeptical that Fallout Shelter would be successful but the numbers don’t lie. However the studio had also tried to temper expectations by saying that they will only release more mobile games only if it made sense, as opposed to releasing mobile games just to try and capture its popularity and trend.

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