fb-live-photoOne of the features of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus is the ability to capture Live Photos. Basically these are photos that captures moments before and after the shot, giving your photos a bit of context and also just in case there are moments you don’t want to miss out on. For the most part these photos can be shared only on Apple devices, but not anymore.

Facebook has recently announced that they will begin supporting Live Photos. What this means is that you can now upload your Live Photos onto Facebook so that they can be viewed by other people on your social network. Unfortunately apart from being able to share them on a more public space, it seems that for now only iOS devices running iOS 9 and above will be able to view them.

In terms of uploading them, it’s a pretty straightforward process and does not appear to deviate too far from standard photo uploading. All you’d have to do is select the Live Photo you want to upload, and remember to check the “LIVE” box and it will upload the Live Photo version of the image. If you forget to check that box, than the standard still will be uploaded.

This seems like extra work but at the same time as TechCrunch points out, sometimes there are moments before or after the photo that you’d rather not have people see, so by including this extra step it makes users really think about whether or not they want the uploaded photo to be a Live one. As it stands the feature is currently in testing so not all users will get it.

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