There is a good reason why for the most part, wood is chosen as the default material when it comes to making a vast majority of instruments, ranging from pianos, violins, guitars, drums, and more. It is because of the inherent acoustical qualities of wood that makes it such a good choice.

This is why sometimes we have to admit we are amazed when instruments are made from non-traditional materials, like a 3D printed violin, they sound as good as the real thing. In fact recently the folks at Signal Snowboards have decided to put Fender’s guitar-making skills to the test by making a Stratocaster guitar completely out of cardboard.

The cardboard comes courtesy of Ernest Packaging who helped design the structure of the guitar. It was later sent over to Fender who then cut out the shape of the guitar, added the electronics, strings, pickguard, and more where it finally looked like an actual guitar. However the question is did it sound like a real guitar?

Unless you have some kind of super hearing, on the surface the guitar looks as good as it plays. Various members at Fender’s workshop were blown away by how good it sounded, and it even made its way into the hands of Linkin Park’s guitarist who took it for a spin and was pleasantly surprised by its quality. If you have a few minutes to spare, do check it out in the video above.

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