If you’re a guitarist that’s constantly moving about and you need the practice, sure, there are some amplifiers that are portable and battery powered, but have you ever seen one that could fit in a bag or pocket? If you’re after something even smaller and more portable, then Fender might have something for you.

The company has recently unveiled its latest portable amplifier in the form of the Mustang Micro. Unlike other guitar amps that typically require a cable to connect the guitar to the amp, the Mustang Micro plugs directly into your guitar’s cable port. This means that you will need to bring even less equipment around.

There is also a headphone jack so that you can practice without disturbing people around you. The Mustang Micro will come with 12 amp modes and 13 effectives that Fender says will allow guitarists to select from a variety of clean and dirty tones. Granted, its small stature means that you probably won’t get the same effect compared to a larger and more powerful amp, but that’s not what the Mustang Micro was designed for.

The company is also claiming that battery life on the amp is good for four hours on a single charge and is rechargeable through USB-C, so if you have a power bank or a phone charger, then it should work. Fender will be releasing the Mustang Micro this coming April where it will retail for $100.

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