A lot of us in developed countries take energy and resources like clean water for granted. In reality there are plenty of areas and countries in the world where access to stable electricity and clean running water is difficult to come by, which is why alternative means of generating electricity is crucial.

Thanks to the Free Electric bike, the idea is that soon areas will be able to generate their own electricity just be pedalling on it. Now the idea of generating energy while pedalling is not new. In fact in the past we’ve seen how regular bicycles can be outfitted with chargers to help charge your phone while you cycle.

The group behind Free Electric, Billions in Change, have readily admitted as much. According to them, “Energy-producing bikes are not new, but before Free Electric there wasn’t anything that produced enough electricity to power 24 light bulbs, a fan, a phone and tablet charger at the same time.” However the difference is that they believe that they have refined the concept to make it more efficient than ever.

The Free Electric bike will feature standard bicycle parts, an alternator, some weights, and a 12V battery. The simplicity of the components means that any mechanic worth their salt should be able to maintain it or repair it in the event it breaks down. The simplest mode, aimed at poorer countries, will retail for $250, while a more sophisticated model aimed at countries with more money to spare will be priced at $1,200-$1,500 for use in situations like a natural disaster where power might not be available.

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