Google-wants-your-bloodLet’s face it, getting a jab or having your blood drawn is an experience that not many people look forward to. However sometimes for some people, especially those with diabetes, being in contact with needles often is something that cannot be avoided. The good news is that Google might have come up with a way to make the process less painful.


So how does this work? According to the patent, basically it suggests firing a gas-powered microparticle into the skin. By relying on negative pressure, it would allow the device to collect a small amount of blood from the point where the microparticle enters the skin. This means that it will be able to draw blood without the need for needles.

However given that the amount of blood drawn from this method is so small, it might not be applicable in procedures that might need than just a pin-prick worth of blood. Instead this might be more suited for testing where just a tiny sample will suffice, such as for diabetics where they might want to test their own sugar levels.

This isn’t the first time that Google has expressed interest in creating medical devices. However for the most part Google’s interest has largely existed as patents so who knows if and when the company does plan on making it a reality, but we have to say that some of their ideas do look and sound pretty promising.

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