Two major metropolitan areas in the United States may get Google’s gigabit internet service in the future. The company confirmed today that it’s inviting Los Angeles and Chicago to explore bringing Google Fiber to their cities. Google says that it has refined its checklist and preparing for building its network in different places. It’s now ready to use the very same process to work with two of the biggest cities in the country, home to over six million people combined, and give them the power of gigabit internet.

Google itself points out that Chicago and L.A. are the two largest metros that it has engaged with to date for the purpose of Fiber, it says that gigabit internet is going to help these cities boost their “creative cultures with internet speed to match their size.”

The company is now going to work closely with city leaders to get detailed information about each metro area, it’s going to study various factors that are likely to affect construction, factors like topography and city infrastructure. That information will prove to be very helpful when the time comes to build a local fiber network.

It goes without saying that this won’t be an easy undertaking. Laying down a local fiber network in two of the biggest cities in the country is going to be a challenge, which is why Google says that it can’t guarantee if it will be able to bring Fiber to these cities, but it promises to work hard in tandem with city leaders to ensure that this goal reaches its logical conclusion.

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