If you walk into a bank or a convenient store, you’ll notice that a lot of its security cameras tend to be placed in the corner. This is because some security cameras can only point forwards, so placing it in the corner affords it the best view, or at least gets a wide-angle view so as to get in as much information as possible.


Now if you’re looking to outfit your home with a security camera but want one that is more versatile, you might be interested in Amaryllo’s iCamPro Deluxe. While it does look like a typical security camera, one of its more unique features is the ability to plug into existing light bulb sockets.

This means that you’ll no longer be constrained to where to put the camera as you could basically fit it into any E26/E27 light bulb socket if you wished. So if you’re going to be on holiday, you can remove some light bulbs that you won’t need and replace it with the camera. Apart from its placement, the iCamPro Deluxe will also feature WiFi connectivity and motion detection.

When it detects motion, it will orient itself to the target and behind tracking it, and will also be able to notify users. There is also a built-in 82dB alarm that will go off to scare away intruders. There is also a companion app that allows users to manually control the camera. If you’re interested in getting the camera, head on over to its Kickstarter page to help fund it.

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