Image credit - FOX 5 News

Image credit – FOX 5 News

Lithium-ion is probably the most common kind of battery used in our gadgets these days, but if there is a disadvantage to such batteries is that over time they lose their charge, and they are also dangerous in the sense that they could explode if impacted hard enough. In fact in the past we have heard cases of phones exploding unexpectedly.

That being said it seems that if there was ever a reason to start ramping up the research into “safer” batteries, it would be now because it looks like we have another exploding phone story on our hands. According to a report from FOX 5 News, it seems that a man by the name of David Grimsley claims that his iPhone 6 Plus caught on fire while it was charging.

According to Grimsley, “There were sparks and flames. The whole apartment could have burned down.” He adds that he’s disappointed by Apple’s response which was to only send him a new phone, as opposed to showing more concern about the problem. However despite the new phone and the fact that he escaped with no injuries, he is understandably paranoid.

He notes, “I’m kind of nervous about plugging it in and leaving it on the bed or anywhere it could catch fire. It could happen again.” It is unclear why the phone caught on fire. Sometimes this can happen if unauthorized third-party chargers are used, but in the case it was not specified.

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