pepper-saleIt is only in Japan that you can find a giant Gundam statue which just goes to show how much they love their robots (and manga). However the Gundam statue is just one example of how robots are prevalent in Japanese society. For example there is a hotel where you are greeted by a robot dinosaur.

There is also talk about robot translators to help visitors and tourists to the country, and there is even an initiative where robot nurses could be created to help out elderly patients. Basically Japan is huge on robots which is why it doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that analysts have predicted that by 2035, half of Japan could be run by robots.

This is according to data analysts Nomura Research Institute (via Engadget) where based on their research, they figure that at least half the jobs in Japan could eventually be taken over and run by robots in the next 20 years or so. Their research was based on evaluating the jobs and determining how likely each position could be automated.

For example a creative job like graphics design might be less likely to become automated versus a more straightforward job, like translating or operating helpdesks, or even delivering goods. That being said, NRI’s lead researcher Yumi Wako claims that these are just hypothetical calculations, but what say you? Could the robot revolution be upon Japan faster than the rest of the world?

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