iron-man-lightsaberHave you watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens yet? It has already broken a fair number of records to date, and if you feel the need to wield an actual lightsaber in combat, then perhaps you might want to think about signing up with the army. While laser systems are being developed for aircraft, drones, vehicles and boats for U.S. troops, how about a personal laser weapon – a lightsaber, so to speak, for the footsoldiers? It would certainly be far cooler than to carry a virtual one in your pocket.

After all, the likes of Boeing has already rolled out a laser cannon that has been specially designed to pick off drones that are in mid-flight, where it is known as the Compact Laser Weapon System. This technology has been demonstrated already, where it burns a hole through the drone target, hence disabling the circuitry within the drone and causing it to crash.

Lockheed Martin themselves are working on a laser turret that can be mounted on fighter jets, and these lasers are supposedly able to fire in all directions. As for a hand-wielded laser weapon for troops on the ground, that is still some way off, but assuming it does get realized, hopefully there are safety measures built in, otherwise it would be a terrible thing if the laser sword were to be activated by accident while it is in one’s pants.

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