spotify_rdio_toolRdio will be shutting down once Pandora acquires its assets. So what’s next for Rdio users? Will they continue to use Pandora since the company would basically own the assets of Rdio, or will they explore other music streaming platforms? We suppose that’s anyone’s guess but in the meantime, Spotify is already trying to entice Rdio users over to its platform.

The company has recently launched an importer tool that will basically import your music collection information from Rdio onto its platform. Users will be able to keep their current playlists, follow the same artists on Spotify like they did on Rdio, as well as import your saved tracks and albums, all of this is assuming that Spotify will have the same songs and artists as Rdio.

Of course all of this is also assuming you do plan on eventually moving to Spotify and if you are, this tool should make the transition pretty easy. We reckon there might not be too much resistance since unlike other music services like Apple Music, Spotify has a free listening tier supported by ads, although users can always opt to pay for the Premium subscription if they’d like to remove the ads and have more control over their music.

If you think that maybe you’d like to give Spotify a try, then save your Rdio collection, pop on over to Spotify’s website, drag and drop that collection onto the webpage and you should be all good to go! In the meantime Rdio will be shut down come 22nd of December, so best hurry if you’d like to preserve your music collection.

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