exploded hoverboardSome of you guys might have heard the recent ban that places like New York and the state of New South Wales in Australia have placed on “hoverboards”, or rather self-balancing scooters. Some of you might even think that such a ban is silly, but the question is, is it really? Or are we making a bigger deal out of it than we should?

Unfortunately for a family in Louisiana, the danger is very real. According to reports, it seems that the hoverboard the family bought for their 12-year old son started to spark while charging, and according to the mother Jessica Horne, “As I walked past his room I saw it began to shoot sparks. Within seconds it was in flames, within minutes the entire room was in flames.”

The official results of the investigation into the fire have yet to come back, but according to the Lafitte fire chief, he wants people to know what exactly went down. Apparently this isn’t the first time that a hoverboard has caught on fire as last week, a man from Florida posted a video which showed a hoverboard in flames.

We’re not sure what could have caused the hoverboard to suddenly explode and it is possible that it could be due to it being a defective unit (as opposed to a widespread problem), but perhaps this is something you might want to think about if you are planning on getting your hands on one of them. In the meantime the family has setup a Gofundme page so if you’d like to help them out, head on over for the details.

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